18° Lençóis festival

A festival is an amazing opportunity to get to a place. Chapada diamantina is incredibly beautiful and you don’t need many excuses to get there. Anyway, to attend to a festival is always a nice opportunity. In 2016 was the 18th edition, it has started in 1999.


There were 3 days with music. The first one in a smaller stage close to the municipality. The others days were in the principal stage in front of the bank of Brasil. The only one in all Chapada Diamantina national park. The time was full of people, sounds, foods, gifts. As this moment of the year is quite quiet for the region, the show is a good way for Lençóis to improve the tourism in the city and to get better incomes. At the end of the day, that is the mainly activity for all here.

All started on Thursday, but as many people works that day, it was the quietest one. Progressively the people was coming to the city, getting the climax on the night of Saturday. Anyway, on Wednesday was all already prepared, the food tends, all the posada,hotels and campings were prepared to get full.

There were many band, around 15 in the 3. The one that close the festival was the local Zion. As I’m a foreign expectator I’m not too aware of the bands names or style. That was a good thing, because more parts of the show surprised me. The number of integrates, the instruments, the differents styles. One thing I notice was the fact that most of the bands were with a high number or members and instruments. They all were very rich in textures and all of them share same common background. When you listen them you recognize the Brazilian sound that is deep inside.

“Fora Temer” was a phrase repited a long the stage for almost all the bands. Everything is political and I can’t be out of that. I was very happy for hear that. Some people make signs talking that and about the 241, a dangerous law project.

Three days later the city starts the exodus. Everybody was enjoying the last day and they begin the ride home. Already in Monday the city recover its calm. There are a few days more that will be calm. At least until november or december that high season starts. This the way people likes. When you visit Chapada you will notice that the most of the people likes this calm, some are from here, others escape from the big cities looking for this, natures, calm, good people.


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