Pontal da barra

The last neighbourhood in the south of Maceio. After Trapiche and before of the bridge where Marechal Deodoro begins. Land of fishermen and artesenate (?). A place where you can get access to the sea and to the Lagoon Mundaú. 
Probably the safest neighbourhood in the city. You can walk it in any moment of the day or the night and you won’t have problems. You will see the local people, working on their things, making the net to fish or the ‘Filé’ that is sold in the shops. Filé is the name of a characteristical (tejido) of there. Perhaps at 4/5 PM you will see some tourists that are returning of the South’s beaches and stops to buy some things. 

It doesn’t have a lot of luxury but, in my point of view, it’s better. May be it could have a bit more of infrastructure. Anyway perhaps is that kind of advance that it’s imply (or will imply) to change that things that I found very beautiful there. 

The neighborhood is the best place to go to the South’s beaches. In the out of it you can take any of the vans to: Marechal/Francês, Barra de Sāo Miguel, Gunga, Penedo. And to get there you can take the bus: “Rodoviaria-Pontal”, “Ufal-Pontal” (The best if you get there by plane. From airport is “Airport-Ufal”) and “Iguatemi-Pontal” (By beaches od not). For location, you have only two options -It’s not so touristic -, and Argentinian Hostel (Proxima Estacion) and a Pousada. 

A less touriatic, but a nice option, if you visit Alagoas. 


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