or “To help and to be helped”. I don’t really know where to start. I don’t have a large experience and I haven’t tried until this trip. Now, while I write this lines, I’m on the fourth time I do. I have enjoyed all. One of the things I realize in the trip is that I like to work, to learn and to help. And that things meets in the concept of volunteering. I have to make two clarifications to the previous sentence. One is about the concepto of work, one thing that I’m thinking about a lot in these times; I found work like a very possitive thing, differently the way it was before this travel, I realize the work is a very nice option to change my energy into something possitive, something that improve my world, other’s world, my city. It’s a very nice way to exchange effort in the construction of product, services. The other thing I like to mentione, it’s that not always people has the best intentions, in both sides, there are always people trying to take advantage. So my personal appreciation is not a generalization. Many times there are people that is only looking for free work, or in the other hand, people looking for the benefits of the volunteering without really effort.

I have a lot of luck. My personal experience were very nice. I were in different places and doing very different things, like to help in construction, be in reception, make the breakfast, to clean, to paint, gardening. I don’t know, a lot of things. I don’t have particular problem, I’m confortable with a lot of works and I can deal with.  My host were always very nice people also, I share meals with them, they introduce me theirs friends, their way of living. That I thinks that is priceless. Always give as much as I had need it, and in many times more than I pacted. That was a very nice surprise. My own flexibility allows me to learn a lot of things in the way, to experiment things I had never done. I found very charming to learn new skills. That is something to be greatful.

In general I have exchange my work for room and one or more meals. When it’s like that is very economical for me to travel. I don’t spend a lot of money. There are a lot of types, with private room common room, only with breakfast, all the foods, work 4/5/6 days and 3/2/1 free. In general there are 4-6 hours to work and the rest of the days is free. I have heard about volunteer with cost, I’m not particularly confortable with that. I found that they are trying to take advantage. There are in all the areas, more natural, more touristicals. I thinks that is to search and they appear.

I thinks that this is a nice review about what I have found in general. Perhaps is only scratching the surface, but there is always time to expand. Perhaps the next post in this topics will include some resources to search and found places to be volunteer.

Hace a nice day guys 😀



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