Walk around

Some day walking around I have been surprised by a sensation: I was, like nothing, going by an unknown city. When you travel you learn a lot of new skills (And more they are, as less money you got). How to hitchhike,it looks like easy, I stop in the way with my thumb and I get to anywhere, but it is not so easy (Wish it was). But like all the practical skills, making you learn. Learn gastronomy, trying new tastes or improvasing with what you have to cook, exchanging with who you are. But perhaps what is more valuable it’s the hability to managed the unknown. 
From day to day you are restarting. Perhaps you get to a new place, with no place to go, nothing to eat, no idea about what is to do in the city. Maybe it’s a new habit you see and makes you doubt, foreign culture, new ways of things, others costumes. But some day you realize you are walking like natural in a new place, without knowing no one, with all different way of thinks compares with you. With the time you learn how to manage that uncertainty, and how to be comfortable (In some way) with day. You stay open to the opportunities and you are more communicative with people. 

Son of the illumination, seeing with good eyes the think, the maths, we built in the certain. We built around the illusion of control, trying to be sure about a lot of things. Perhaps these times are changing that, later of the  Heidegger’s principle and some other movements a lot of things were relexad. That allows to accept more soft ciences, pedagogies, ways of thinks. I feel that I’m still part of that kind of thinking. Big part of my education was around the precision, the control, de effectiveness. It’s no complete wrong, like almost anything, but it’s not the unique way and I like to know more paths. 
The world is a great school, some much knowledge in the way, in the people I meet. I wasn’t able to skip this, I think I need these, as much as I thought I need my title, my previous education. I like the idea of known as much as I can and to know as many different ideas as I can. 



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